We protested!

When over 150 protesters showed up at the OW and ODSP office on Wilson Ave. complete with signs, slogans costumes and drums they were met by over twenty police and four horses.

Povdem09 - _012Povdem09 - _043

Povdem09 - _020 Povdem09 - _124

This was not your ordinary Friday afternoon in welfare land. It must have been a hardship for them to stop interviewing single mothers from behind bulletproof glass to peer out at this mass of well behaved people.

Povdem09 - _179 Povdem09 - _198

Be that as it may, this was the second poverty protest in our community that demanded humane treatment for all.

It was raining and cold but spirits were high.

Povdem09 - _069 Povdem09 - _308

Buses gathered people from many areas of the Jane St. area to the parking lot of the Sheridan mall. From there they walked down the middle of the street to the offices, blocking traffic and making their point.

Povdem09 - _414 Povdem09 - _097

Included in the masses were mainly residents from the area, York U, and Humber College students, OCAP representatives and concerned citizens.
When an attempt was made to deliver a letter of demands to the OW office, a security guard came out to accept it. But the protesters wanted a true welfare functionary to so one was eventually sent for and did the deed.

Povdem09 - _442 (Large)

This was one small step in the growing movement to ensure that people are treated humanely and that all get to live with dignity in Canada.

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