Schools could close in Jane/Finch

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) is trying to close one or two elementary schools in our community.

Driftwood, Shoreham and Gosford are being threatened.

The TDSB wants to close100 community schools in the city and they are starting here in Jane and Finch. They want to sell the land to developers so that they can repair some buildings and build a few new ones.

Why is this important? Parents and children will have to walk further to school, green space could end up being paved over when it is sold to a developer, We could end up with portables especially when the all day kindergarten comes in.

To do this, the Board has formed a school closing committee called the Accommodation Review Committee (ARC) to look over the facts using the Boards data.

I believe that no school should close in Jane/Finch.

Our children and their communities need those schools operating as schools now and in the future and not as profitable housing for some developer.

You can resist this process by showing up at the first ARC meeting;

Thursday, December 3, 6:30PM

at Westview Centennial Secondary School.

Let our Trustee and the TDSB staff know that we value our schools. Other communities are fighting the same fight. We will unite with them to keep community based schools open city-wide.


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