Conrad Black in the J/F slums – A National Post Opera

Check out the National Post editorial where it calls our beautiful neighbourhood a “crime-infested slum.”

For years we have been fighting neighbourhoodism the term coined by Ruth Morris about the facile hate journalism that seemed rampant ten years ago.

Here the National Post resurrected this odious tradition.

I have some problem with taking this newspaper seriously though.

In the same issue Conrad Black is pictured as an innocent victim of the state.

Well, Connie, come to Jane and Finch and steal $600,000 or $60-million and see how you are treated. Don’t worry. Your are white, rich and effete so you should be coddled by the cops. I am sure the fact that you are in a “crime-infested slum” will not be held against you.

The Post would be a joke if it were not supported so well by Black’s friends.


Errol Young



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