York U needs to look at itself.

It is frightening to be a female student at York University.

York is not a crime free enviroment.

  • Yesterday a man was arrested for assaulting at least three women.
  • Last January, a peeping tom was roaming the woman’s washrooms in a lecture hall and snapping photos under bathroom stalls.
  • April 2011, Chinese student Qian Liu was murdered in her basement apartment in a student housing area, in the tribute area. Brian Dickson, a former student, is charged with the crime.
  • In 2007, two women were raped in their dorm room beds.

What is also frighting is the university’s slow adaptation to these crimes.

Yes there are more cameras but students want and need a better communication system about crimes.

How does that affect us in Jane/Finch?

Well, just under the surface, we get blamed. You can sniff this in the pages of Excalibur, the student’s newspaper.

But there is no proof that our community is creating this crime laden environment. In fact, York University is.

We suffer when our community is used as a senseless scapegoat. We get fewer jobs here. Criminals can be attracted to our streets. Cops can use it as an excuse to increase their activities and harass kids on the street.

We need to stand up to the abuse our community gets from this august institution.


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