The myths that separate us.

I found it interesting that the word poverty only came up once and by Paul Ryan, an advocate for the rich.

Obama will talk about the middle class but never mention the poor in spite of the fact that poverty is growing world wide and in the USA and the middle class is shrinking.

But Americans mostly think of them selves as being in the middle class even if they are out of work or living from paycheck to paycheck.

So this is a good way to win elections but not explain society’s troubles.

Romney is banking (literally) on an other American myth that everyone will be rich eventually. That is why he can stand up and defend tax relief for the rich.

Myths are controlling the debate down there but there is a stark reality that they all chose to ignore.

Things are similar in Canada. I believe it is all an extension of the immigrant myth that says that we all came here to better our lives and the lives of our children. We need to do that together, not individually or it will only happen to the very lucky few.

The myths will not stand up to reality. This will eventually catch up to them and it could get ugly.


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