MPP locks out JFAAP

Delivering the letter

Delivering the letter

Once again, today, Mario Sergio, the York West Liberal MPP locked a delegation from JFAAP who wanted to present a letter to him requesting that the Provincial government stops the cancellation of Community Start Up and Maintenance Benefit.

Ten adults along with two babies found the door locked and the lights off.

But they found that the office was closed in spite of showing up during its regular posted business hours.Chanted office hours

JFAAP, as part of a Province-wide campaign, had already announced its intention to send a delegation to Mario Sergio Office at 2:30 pm on December 12th, 2012. Given the past experience with the York West MPP’s office, They found it hard to believe that the “locked door’ was only a coincidence (see the attached pictures).

The delegation dropped its letter in the MPP’s mailbox.

In May 2010, a group of women, primarily mothers, visited the office of Mario Sergio, the York West Liberal MPP, to demand that the provincial government restore the Special Diet Allowance and reverse the 1995 Harris cut by raising OW and ODSP rates to where people can live with health and dignity. The MPP office decided to lock those community members out instead of listening to their concerns.

JFAAP are also concerned about the lack of proper response from our area’s MPP to these severe cuts that will hugely impact many people in our community and across the province. JFAAP is demanding that our local MPP help us by working to prevent this cutback from taking place and to publicly state his opposition to the elimination of the CSUMB.


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