JFAAP to host two community discussions

Wed. Dec. 4, 6:00PM

Black Creek Health Centre

Child care, snack

Discussion #1

Who do we vote for?

Our community has been represented by elected officials who all have been around for an average of 27 years: a long time.

While we should value their combined experiences, those representatives tend to feel very comfortable in their posts. They tend to not challenge party policies, ignore some communities or just take their positions for granted.

The questions for our community are:

Is it time we asked some or all of them to step aside?

Should we be challenging some of them at their party nominations?

Should we be challenging some of them at the ballot box?

Who, in our community should take the lead in this?

Come and listen to a panel of local residents discuss the situation and possible community actions.

Discussion #2

What are our housing rights?

Where we live and how we live are very important and can define who we are.

Here, in York West, most of us are apartment dwellers: payers of rent.

All that rent money leaves our community and adds to the poverty of the area.

And we have little control over rent levels, building repairs and the quality of our lives.

What are our rights?

Law students and lawyers from the Community and Legal Aid Services Program (CLASP) will be giving a presentation and answering questions relating to:

Tenant’s rights and obligations

Landlord’s obligations

Any questions from the community that may come up.


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