We need a minimum wage of $14 now!

We need a minimum wage of $14 now!

For Immediate Release            

TORONTO, January 28, 2014- Residents from the Jane and Finch community and their allies have been calling for a $14 minimum wage for over a year.

Thousands of residents in our community support the $14 minimum wage demand because workers, particularly low income workers in our community and across the province, need meaningful raise now in order to meet their most basic needs!

The rumour that the provincial government might increase the minimum wage to only $11/hour does not help.  It just continues to legislate a poverty wage.

This $27 a week increase (Based on 35 hours of work) will keep many below the poverty line by at least 16%.

The minimum wage has been frozen at $10.25 for four years. We are calling on the provincial government to raise the minimum wage to $14/hour (indexed to inflation) effective immediately.

 Jane Finch Action Against Poverty           




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