POSTPONED to Wednesday, Nov 19th: Stop targeted policing of Jane-Finch, Residents Demand


Media Liaison: Sabrina Butterfly GoPaul, 416 567 2705, Jane Finch Action Against Poverty – Toronto

Toronto, November 17, 2014 “The status quo with respect to policing in 31 Division is unacceptable by any measure,” according to a report that was released earlier this week. While the findings of the Community Assessment of Police Practices (CAPP) study have made news headlines throughout the GTA, they confirm what area residents know only too well: despite a revised carding policy designed to reign in police abuses, racially biased carding continues to be widespread in the Jane and Finch community.

The revised carding policy stipulates that police must have a valid public safety reason for stopping individuals, that they cannot prolong encounters to gather information to justify formal questioning, and that they must inform individuals of their right to walk away and issue a receipt listing the officer’s name, badge number, and the reason for stopping.

“Clearly, the ‘intent’ of the policy has not been translated into practice,” said Sabrina Butterfly GoPaul, of Jane Finch Action Against Poverty. “We have the highest incident of improper police “carding” and criminalization of residents in the country. Our community has the largest proportion of low income and lower median household income levels in the City, high levels of poverty, unemployment, and one of the highest proportions of racialized people and immigrants in Toronto.”

The findings of this most recent report are unequivocal: the policy is ignored and racially discriminatory practices continue to characterize the encounters many community members have with police. Jane Finch Action Against Poverty will continue to demand an end to targeted policing in the community, and members of the community will speak to their experiences on Wednesday, November 19th at 6pm.

WHAT: Press Conference & Photo-Op
WHERE: York Gate Mall, 2nd Floor, Seneca RM 218/219 – Northwest Corner of Jane-Finch Intersection
WHEN: 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM, Wednesday, November 19, 2014
WHO: Members of Jane Finch Action Against Poverty, residents of Jane Finch who’ve been carded by the police, Jane Finch community residents and allies

Media Liaison:
Sabrina Butterfly GoPaul, 416 567 2705, Jane Finch Action Against Poverty – Toronto |


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