First Fare Strike Protest

A small demonstration was met with overwhelming police and TTC response at the corner of Jane and Finch. They heard about it through Facebook. While we did not take any direct action, we learned a lot for the next time. Some TTC cops and a real one with a gun and a Tasar came over and chatted with us. They don’t understand civil disobedience.

  1. We are demanding:
  2. Reversal of the City of Toronto’s 2.60/o TTC budget cut
  3. Re-involvement of the Province in the funding of the TTC
  4. Reduce the fare
  5. Building modern, fast transit in all parts of the city as quickly as Possible
  6. Make public transit fully accessible
  7. More frequent service connecting all our neighbourhoods
  8. Environmental sustainability
  9. Respect for front-line TTC workers