JFAAP calls for an end to “Cops in Schools” (School Resource Officer) program

Jane Finch Action Against Poverty (JFAAP) is calling on the Toronto Police Service Board members to vote to immediately end the “School Resource Officer (SRO) Program” of the Toronto District and Toronto Catholic District School Boards and the implementation of any other similar programs in the future at your June 15, 2017 meeting.

Our community has opposed the presence of police officers in schools from the very beginning. The tragic and heartbreaking death of Jordan Manners in our community 10 years ago provided a pretext for police, school boards and City politicians to push with their law and order and racist approach. Instead of focusing all resources in systemic prevention by addressing the social, economic and political causes of violence they imposed “Cops in Schools” program despite strong opposition and community condemnations.

Our youth have experienced the negative effects of having armed and uniformed cops in their schools. The SRO program aids in the school to prison pipeline. This so called “program” has been an extension of targeted policing, police carding and TAVIS in our neighbourhoods and across the City. Programs such as TAVIS and the SRO have continuously built profiles of youth, their families and our community in criminalizing ways. Throughout the years we have had the highest incidents of criminalization of residents, mostly black, racialized and poor youth. Our community and other communities affected by the SRO “program” have the largest proportion of low income households, high levels of poverty and unemployment, and one of the highest proportions of racialized people and immigrants in Toronto.

For years, JFAAP has opposed police violence, racist policing and the occupation of our community spaces by police officers; we want them out! We demand social and economic justice. We demand an end to racialization of poverty and the elimination of poverty and all forms of oppression altogether.

JFAAP calls on Toronto Police Service Board Members, Mayor John Tory and all City politicians and Chief of Police to put an end to “Cops in Schools” (School Resource Officer) “program” on June 15th.

Jane Finch Action Against Poverty (JFAAP)

June 14, 2017

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