TTC meeting in JF a sham!

At the insistence of JFAAP, the TTC and PRESTO will host a “town hall” meeting to “provide information about PRESTO and PRESTO Tickets.” Clearly this is not the consultation that we wanted. There is no desire on their behalf to change any of the problems that our community is having with the system wide change.

JFAAP is planning to attend the meeting and make it clear that changes are needed to make PRESTO user friendly. As well, fare enforcement has criminalized may of our community youth.

It is time that they heard from us. Come out and make your voice heard.

March 26

St. Wilfrid Catholic School (Gym)

1685 Finch Avenue West

Open house: 6:30 p.m

Town hall meeting: 7 – 8:30 p.m.

JFAAP’s Presto issues

  • There has not been sufficient outreach to explain the new PRESTO system. As a result, there is considerable confusion regarding access and use of the new system, for both individuals and social service agencies and community organizations.
  • Affordability and cost of the PRESTO card
  • The switch to a system where the new tickets are non-reusable and non-recyclable when a token system that had the required logistics and infrastructure is already in place
  • Accessibility of services, in general, and accessibility of services for people living with a disability, in particular
  • The limitation of PRESTO card purchase to TTC subway stations and Shoppers Drug Mart stores
  • The inability to avail ourselves of the senior/student fare unless the PRESTO card is used
  • Privacy concerns and treatment of community members by the TTC security personnel
  • Cost of implementing the new system and accountability to tax payers
  • Infrastructure problems with the new system (PRESTO machines, gates, etc.)
  • Quality of services and insufficient services in certain areas (such as buses 36 Finch and 41 Keele)
  • Why the fare increase was not announced at the December information session.