Rally at Fiera Foods Demands Changes to Temp Work Loopholes

By Ryan Hayes

Labour and community activists assembled outside of Fiera Foods for a solidarity rally organized by the Fight for $15 & Fairness and Jane and Finch Action Against Poverty (JFAAP).

Last week Enrico Miranda, a 57 year old father of two, was killed at work. According to the Toronto Star, “He is believed to have been crushed by a machine that turned on while he was cleaning it.”

Enrico is the fifth temporary worker to die at Fiera, a massive food processing plant in North York that supplies Sobeys, Loblaws and major fast food outlets.

Following this most recent workplace tragedy, the owners of Fiera quickly resumed business as usual. But not today. Fiera cancelled shifts and told workers not to bother showing up.

This mandatory unpaid day off speaks volumes about the employment practices of Fiera, a company founded by Boris Serebryany and Alex Garber in 1987. Fiera relies on temp work agencies to supply 70% of its daily workforce.

Organizers shared a statement written by a temp worker on the inside, which read in part, “Every time a worker gets killed at work, they don’t even shut down the operation. There’s no closure, so there’s no respect for our co-worker who died, or for us. They are heartless. A union rep came to give flyers to workers, but management forced us to throw them in the garbage.”

Friends of Enrico’s family have started a funeral fund and are seeking to raise $10,000.

Fight for $15 & Fairness is circulating a petition addressed to Premier Ford that includes a list of necessary changes to temp work legislation