JFAAP Statement re: The police raid in our community

The large community complex at Jane and Sheppard (2000 Sheppard Ave. West) was terrorized by a massive police raid involving the use of SWAT with battering rams, automatic weapons, sniper rifles and many police personnel. 

Hundreds of families with children in these apartments and townhomes were woken by shouting and disturbing activities just after 5 AM. They woke to police on their doorsteps with weapons drawn combing through the bushes, parking lots and yards. 

The police had no regard for the physical threat and the mental terror created by this  irresponsible paramilitary action to the residents, including children. 

JFAAP strongly condemns community raids and unjustified use of force. 

No one should wake up to such violence. 

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic black and racialized communities in Parkdale, Jane-Finch and Minneapolis are facing increased police brutality. 

We demand that this police violence and the terrorizing of our communities stop, NOW!


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